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Eurocinema Expo 2012

Cinema as a business

Venue: KIJÓW.CENTRUM, Al. Krasińskiego 34, Kraków
Date: February 22-23, 2012

The idea to organize Eurocinema Expo was born out of the statutory mission of the Cinema Development Foundation, and also of the involvement of Apollo Film in supporting the development of traditional cinemas. As a result of the effort of these entities, as well as 4D media relations and a Japanese company NEC Display Solutions, a two-day forum was organized, giving way to a meeting of the representatives of: studio and local cinemas, community centers and institutions running a cinema operation.

Honorary patronage over the conference took Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Mr. Marek Sowa - Marshal of Malopolska Region.

Report from the conference

On February 23 this year the second edition of the two-day Eurocinema Expo conference, dedicated to issues related to the digitization of cinemas has completed in Kraków. The meeting was attended by about 300 participants from across Poland and abroad. Some of the issues discussed at the conference were: additional revenue opportunities in the cinema, such as advertising and catering,also the current state of digitization of cinemas in Poland and Europe was presented and additional sources of funding were discussed. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Marshal Office of Małopolska took the Honorary Patronage of the project.

Eurocinema Expo was born as an idea of an original project dedicated to the cinema circles and was a result of the collaboration between two entities: Apollo Film and 4D media relations. Due to the undoubted success of the first edition last year, it was decided to continue this event and it was in February this year that the second edition was organised, broadened by the highly popular training for projectionists. 85 people were trained.

The first day of the conference was opened by the thematic block 'Additional revenue opportunities in the cinema.' The participants got to know how to gain additional revenue by providing catering services in the cinema or by the sales of advertisements. Krzysztof Christopher Barwiński from Apollo Film and Karolina Gieryszewska from AP Group, while encouraging, they also warned that in order to earn from additional business, one must first take care of a good repertoire of the cinema. A different issue was discussed by Mariusz Orzechowski and Wojciech Kosek from NEC Display Solutions company, who presented to participants the projectors used to display digital ads and talked about the new standard in cinemas that is digital posters.

The second part of the conference was devoted to the statistics on the digitization of cinemas in Poland and Europe, which were presented by Miłosz Jaszczur from portal and Elisabetta Brunella from MEDIA Salles. In addition, new trends appearing in the cinemas were presented, one of them being the introduction of the Internet distribution of films, which was talked about by Andrew Goleniewski, Director of Filmoteka Narodowa. The day concluded with a screening of the film 'Young Goethe in Love' in IDS technology.

Thursday, February 23, was opened by an extensive panel 'Technology in digital cinema.' The participants had the chance to listen to many lectures which were interesting and important for the development of the cinema. Most of them were devoted to technical issues, ranging from the choice of sound in the cinema, through relevant servers and ending with screens and projectors. A new element in the cinema industry is the TMS, namely a content management system in the cinema, which was discussed among others by Till Cussmann from XDC International.

The afternoon panel was dominated by financial issues. The representatives of the Polish Film Institute talked about the national program of digitization, and the representative of BZWBK bank presented leasing as a source of financing cinema equipment. The day concluded with screening of the film 'Leonardo Live' in digital technology and a walk around the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery in London.

Thanks to the favourable comments of many people, including participants and sponsors, Eurocinema Expo is becoming a cyclical event and in 2013 it will certainly have its place in the calendar of the cinema industry events.

'We are very pleased with the participation in the second edition of the Eurocinema Expo conference. This year’s event was bigger than the previous one, both in terms of the number of participants and the companies presenting their offer, and it also had an international group of speakers and exhibitors. This resulted in a greater number of business talks held. Apart from the successful promotion of products obvious to the cinema, such as DCI projectors and E-cinema, NEC Display Solutions' success was the promotion of a digital poster based on the NEC large-format displays – a modern solution for the cinema industry. We will certainly want to participate in future editions of this forward-looking conference.' Mariusz Orzechowski, Director of the Branch Office of NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH in Poland.

'I was very much surprised how professional and effective this event was organized. Also the quality of given information and discussions have been on a high level so that it was worthy to come for both, customers as well as suppliers. It goes without saying, that Krakow anyway is a nice place to be and for anyone who came the first time will be reason enough to visit it again.' Christoph Baur, Manager International Sales, Kinoton GmbH

'By all means useful and much needed conference. A larger number of exhibitors and visitors at this year’s edition shows that it is gaining increasing interest among the cinema owners, and that it is, and will be, an important event in the cinema-technical industry.' Paweł Leszczynski, Commercial Director, Digital Cinema Polska.

'Eurocinema Conference Expo 2012 is undoubtedly one of the most interesting events of this kind in Europe. Taking part in the fair gave our company an opportunity to share the enthusiasm towards the latest mobile technologies and solutions in the cloud, as well as to present the idea of Ekoticket (Ekobilet) system allowing for online sales and building modern distribution channels with the use of social media. And above all, Eurocinema Expo 2012 gave us the opportunity to establish valuable relationships with future recipients of our vision. ' Sabina Janeczko, Department of Ekoticket Sincere Customer Care.

The media patrons of the project were: portal, warehouses Telepro and SAT kurier. The general sponsor: NEC Display Solutions. Other titular sponsors of the conference: Royal Philips Electronics, Harkness Screens, Dolby Laboratories, Digital Cinema Polska / XDC, GDC Technology, Kinoton, Cine Project Polska.


  • Studio and local cinemas of Central Europe

  • Territorial self-government organisational units: culture centres, sports, leisure and recreation centres

  • Institutions conducting cinema activities or equipped with the infrastructure allowing to conduct such activities - an auditorium and a projection booth

  • Territorial self-government units organisers with the power to make decisions in terms of their operation, guaranteeing an earmarked subsidy and financial means for investments

  • Decision-makers in the area of development of culture and cinematography (Regional Film Funds, representatives of culture departments of Marshal Offices, the PISF)

  • Operators interested in starting cinema business

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